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Glendale AZ AC Installation and Replacement

Air Conditioner Installation and Replacement Services in Glendale AZ

It’s simple to forget how essential your HVAC system is to preserving your comfort all year. Many factors affect how effectively an air conditioner operates.

Common Indications That it's Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner:

  • Unhealthy Indoor Air: It’s time to replace your AC if it stops enhancing the air quality in your home. Your machine’s strange sounds and unpleasant odours are signs that the air conditioning system is broken or malfunctioning. You must schedule an HVAC replacement if issues continue.
  • A Rise in Power Costs: An excessive amount of energy used by an air conditioner may increase your energy costs. In extreme circumstances, the electricity bills associated with your air conditioner may account for a sizable portion of your expenses. 
  • Your AC Unit’s Age: You should get an air conditioner replacement if your system is over ten or fifteen years old. Older air conditioning systems may produce strange and harsh noises or appear damaged due to corroded pipes, wet walls, and cracked windows. The right action in this situation is to replace the air conditioning.
  • Unreliable Cooling: A broken thermostat or a pipe leak are two potential causes of uneven cooling. Your air conditioner’s ageing may also cause it to cool your space unevenly. If routine maintenance and tune-ups cannot resolve the issue, you should immediately replace your home’s system with a new one.

Factors That Affect the Time Taken in an Installation:

  • Size of the Residence; Larger equipment is needed to complete the task because larger rooms are harder to heat and cool. The installation will take the same time regardless of the house size if you swap out the old unit for a new one and leave the other equipment in place.
  • Simple System Replacement: A straightforward system upgrade only requires the replacement of an outdated HVAC unit with a new one, leaving the ductwork and wiring in place. This installation takes only a few hours, around 3 to 4.
  • Complete Installation of an HVAC System: A complete system HVAC installation necessitates total replacement of the HVAC system, which requires labor-intensive work like replacing the thermostat or the ductwork. This kind of installation typically takes three to five days.
  • Kind of Unit: The amount of time required for installation largely depends on the type of HVAC unit you use. For instance, a central air conditioner takes longer to install than a mini-split unit.
  • Installing or Replacing: New unit installation takes longer than unit replacement. Typically, the required hardware must be installed when installing a new unit. However, replacing a unit entails removing the old HVAC unit and replacing it with a new one.
  • Location of the Unit: The length of your AC installation will depend on the unit’s location, which is extremely important. It happens when the design of a building prevents specialists from quickly accessing key areas while installing a new air conditioner.

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