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Litchfield Park Air Conditioning & Heating Contractor

Litchfield Park Air Conditioning & Heating Contractor

Litchfield Park Air Conditioning & Heating Contractor
With our main office right off of W. Indian School and Dysart We are your local Air condition Servicers and for your Dedication to Autumn Air Heating & Cooling LLC we will continue to give you the quality and professionalism your deserve.

Your AC system is a high-performing machine designed to make your life more comfortable. Here in Litchfield Park that’s essential and it needs regular maintenance checks to keep it running for years to come. Think about it…would you buy an expensive car, then never change the oil, spark plugs, or brake pads? Of course not. Your AC system is the same. With a little attention, you can save money, improve your system’s performance, and keep the air outdoors clean and healthy. How Exactly Does a Regular Maintenance Schedule Help You?

Cuts Down on the Costs of your Utility Bills in Litchfield

  • When your system is operating efficiently, it uses less energy. Over time, if your system is not properly maintained, it can lose about 5% of its efficiency every year. Thus, your 15 SEER unit will begin running like a 10 SEER unit in just a few short years. And, since your AC system accounts for about 70% of your home energy usage, this adds up quickly in your bills every month! In our Litchfield Park environment these bills add up quick.

Extends the Life of your Equipment and your Comfort

  • Regular maintenance for your system is like an annual physical at the doctor’s office. It helps you ensure all parts are healthy so that your system lives a long life. And, it ensures your system is cooling at maximum capacity on the hottest days of the year. Here is Litchfield Park those temperatures can get unforgiveable.

Prevents AC Unit Breakdowns

  • Keeping your system running at its peak performance will reduce costly problems, especially when using your system during the hot summer months. By identifying those small problems early, you will save a lot of money on major costly repairs later.

Saves the Environment

  • Your AC system requires Freon to keep you cool and comfortable. If that Freon leaks into the atmosphere, it can cause damage to the Earth’s ozone layer. By keeping a healthy AC system, you can avoid contributing to that problem. Plus, you’ll reduce your carbon dioxide production by reducing your overall energy consumption.

Your Litchfield Park & Phoenix AC repair experts can help you keep your electric bill affordable; you’re air conditioning unit healthy and your peace of mind in check.

Our Litchfield Park Services include:

  • Litchfield Park Air Quality
  • Litchfield Park A/C Repairs
  • Scottsdale heating and air
  • Litchfield Heating Services
  • Litchfield A/C Estimates

If you need help with your air conditioner, call you local Litchfield Park air conditioning contractors, Autumn Air. We are in your neighborhood everyday, we shop at the same grocery stores and our kids go to the same school your kids go to. Give us a chance to take care of your family the way we do ours. Call us today at (602) 266-5247 and come see why we are Litchfield Parks Premier A/C Repair contractor.

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