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Autumn Air Products Page

Autumn Air Products Page

Air Conditioner Maintenance & AC Unit Service Products

Autumn Air Heating & Cooling LLC offers many AC unit service and air conditioner maintenance products, from simple AC replacement parts such as capacitors, contactors, relays and fan motors to more advanced air conditioner parts such as variable speed modules, compressors and thermal expansion valves. (txv’s)

Autumn Air Heating & Cooling LLC also has various other AC unit products developed to enhance the performance of your home comfort central air system. Some of these air conditioner maintenance products include the following:

Zerol Ice:

Zerol Ice improves the lubrication in the compressor of your air conditioner and system’s heat transfer capability so that it will blow colder air. As a result, air conditioners with Zerol Ice will run less, use less electricity, last longer, and run quieter. With the cost of energy rising every year on average of 3% per year, doesn’t it make sense to reduce long-term consumption without sacrificing your lifestyle?

Compressor Assists:

Compressor Assist devices utilize a capacitor/relay combination to allow your air conditioning and heat pump compressors to start with maximum efficiency thus reaching normal rated speed at up to ten times faster than compressors with no hard start device installed. During start-up, a typical compressor motor with no hard start device installed has an electrical efficiency rating (also known as “power factor”) of less than 50%. That means only 50% of the available power is being utilized to start the unit. Under those conditions, the compressor has to work much harder and is exposed to a lot of excess heat that is generated with each and every start. With a compressor assist device installed, the electrical efficiency is boosted to over 98% enabling all of the available power to reach the compressor for smooth, fast starts.

Low Voltage Condensate Overflow Shut-off switches:

Autumn Air Heating & Cooling LLCInline, low voltage condensate overflow shutoff switch. Installs vertically or horizontally in a primary drain or can be plugged on auxiliary pans. The next time your unit has a situation with an overflow, be confident that the device installed will protect your drywall and surrounding area from water damage.

Autumn Air Heating & Cooling LLC has also aligned itself with some of the best products in the business; we use name brand parts such as Honeywell, Sporlan, General Electric, Nu-Calgon, Diversitech, A.O. Smith and Emerson.

We also service, install and maintain ALL brands, makes, and models of home heating and cooling systems. We proudly install the Amana Product line, it is considered to be the best of the best. A leading consumer magazine has ranked Amana as one of the most dependable A/C systems with the fewest repairs in their most recent publication. We also install, Ruud, Goodman, Rheem, Trane, American Standard, Coleman, Carrier, and many other brands.