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Service Agreements

Service Agreements

Autumn-Matic preventative maintenance agreements starting at just $13.99 a month

Autumn-Matic preventative maintenance agreements starting at just $13.99 a month and include the following:

  1. Free Routine Maintenance once a year on your a/c and heating equipment.
  2. Free second opinions.
  3. Free condenser coil cleanings (a $100 value)
  4. No charge for service calls. (No hidden trip fees or diagnostic fees).
  5. Twenty percent off any parts or labor, not covered by your warranty.
  6. Ten percent off new equipment. (This can save you hundreds of dollars)
  7. Guaranteed emergency service within 24 hours (if you’re looking for the cheapest and the quickest service, you can’t beat us)
  8. Lifetime warranty on almost all parts (see terms and agreements for excluded times)
  9. Hotel Guarantee: If you purchase a new system from Autumn Air and it takes longer than 3 business days to schedule and install, we will pay up to Fifty dollars per night towards hotel stay. (See terms)
  10. Free program transfers, if you move anywhere in Maricopa county, you can transfer agreement to new home owner, as long as they carry out the terms and conditions with a method of payment.

Did you know that for every degree your old thermostat is off, it is costing you 3% more on your utility bill? The average homeowner that upgrades their old conventional thermostat to a new Digital one saves approximately $216 a year. That’s enough to pay for itself and make money within 12 months!

First 100 people to call and mention this ad will get a FREE digital thermostat installed. (A $195 value) Must sign-up as a new customer in the Autumn-Matic program for 12 months of continued service.

Offer valid while supplies last, which in this case is 100.

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