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Air Conditioning Installation In Phoenix

Air Conditioning Installation in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ.


The performance of an air conditioner is affected by its installation procedure. Improper installation of an air conditioning unit can result in airflow problems and leaky ducts. Your manufacturer will not be responsible for any problems that result from improper installation.  The experts of Autumn do air conditioning installation in Phoenix in a proper manner.

Installing an air conditioner will involve handling sharp metallic objects, fan blades, and electrical parts. One mistake, and you could end up injuring yourself or the people around you.

You may also have to climb up and down a ladder because this is not easy. If you fall off your ladder, you could sustain serious (in a worst-case scenario, life-changing) injuries.

Air conditioning installation is best left to experts. Installation experts know what could go wrong during installation. They foresee problems and plan ahead to circumnavigate project roadblocks.

Whether you are planning to install a window AC or a central air conditioner, Autumn Air Heating & Cooling LLC has got you covered. We plan projects down to the last detail. Before we start working on your project, we will ask you a few questions. Once we understand the factors at play, we come up with an installation plan.

Delivering innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions is our commitment. Our proven track record of delivering projects on time and within budget gives us a competitive edge.


It is essential to have the right size AC. An oversized AC will shut off frequently, whereas an undersized unit consumes more energy than usual, causing your energy bill to skyrocket.

We will help you choose the right AC for your home. Our team will perform a Manual J Load calculation to determine your building’s heating and cooling needs.

Our Technicians

The technicians bring decades of experience to the table and have an eye for detail. They break down complex installation projects into bite-sized tasks to avoid confusion and ensuing chaos.

You cannot just install your AC and forget it. The air conditioner requires periodic care and maintenance like all other household equipment. We will design an effective Phoenix AC repair plan to extend the lifespan of your system. We will nip cooling issues in the bud, preventing them from snowballing into major concerns.

After installing the air conditioner, the proper repairing, servicing, and maintenance must be done properly.

The air conditioning repair Phoenix, AZ, is done by our most trusted professionals.

Have an air conditioning installation Phoenix or AC maintenance project in Phoenix? We will manage it from start to end. To discuss your project with one of our technicians.

Call our office as Autumn Air Heating & Cooling LLC. is one of the top-rated and best HVAC companies in phoenix and other regions.

Why Choose Us?

Welcome to Autumn Air HVAC services! Our immense pleasure is to serve Phoenix residents with world-class quality and professional services. Now the main question arises why you should call Autumn Air Heating and Cooling Services out of many others in the HVAC business? 

At Call Autumn HVAC Services, every customer problem is treated as a priority. We try to reach out as fast as possible to fix your HVAC problem so you can spend quality time with your loved ones, family, and friends. 

  • Our Guarantee

We guarantee that you will have no complaints regarding our services because we try our best to leave no margin of error. Even if there’s a complaint, we will promptly take action on your complaint and resolve the issue without charging any additional fees. 

  • Our Commitment to You

Call Autumn technician’s commitment is to provide hassle-free and trouble-free service to every customer at affordable and reasonable rates. 

You also get the following benefits when you call our technicians to operate your HVAC system or air conditioning installation in Phoenix

  • Well Trained, Certified, and Licensed in Our Trade.

Every technician in our team is well trained, certified, licensed, and has the skills to use the equipment and carry out the service appropriately. 

  • Warranties

When you buy equipment or hire our technician for any HVAC service, we provide you with a warranty. 

  • Trustworthy Prices

We assure you that our HVAC rates are comparatively lower than others in the market and have trustworthy prices. 

  • Quality Installation Procedures

We believe in providing world-class services, so we use the latest tools and high-tech equipment to carry out the services successfully. 

  • Low-priced Competitive Quotes

Our residential and commercial HVAC system and service quotes are more effective than others. 

Hire Autumn Air Cooling and Heating technicians to resolve your HVAC problems and troubles.

Frequently Asked Questions For Air Conditioning Installation

AC installation service often includes installing the indoor and outdoor unit in a specific place and then drilling a way through walls to connect the two AC systems. In a ducted AC system, the AC unit is installed in the basement or attic, and the ducts are placed in the residence to give out the processed air.

Yes, it is a consumer's right to negotiate with the AC installer for the price of the AC system. It is better to ask for quotes from different companies for the model and note the difference in the price range. Moreover, ask the contractor whether maintenance charges are included in the total price or not.

One can easily install an air conditioning system that does not require much hassle and drilling. However, a technician is needed for a geothermal or central AC system. It is not worth a dime to take a risk for installation because if a component gets damaged during the process, the manufacturing company may not provide the warranty benefits.

Why spend the entire day reading manuals when Autumn Air Cooling and Heating air conditioner installation experts in Phoenix can do it easily on your behalf.

The following tips will help you save money on a new air conditioning system: 

  1. Check for state or local company incentives and rebates
  2. Gather an approximate for the same model rebates from the manufacturing company. 
  3. Purchase the system during the off-season 
  4. Contact more than two HVAC companies in the locality and compare their quotes. 
  5. Do not forget to look at the credibility in search of the lowest price. 

Yes, the air filters of the HVAC should be changed on a timely basis. It is better to replace the air filter every three months or clean it with a cloth and a brush monthly. 

What Temperature Should I Set for the HVAC?

According to our air conditioning installation in Phoenix, the optimal temperature for the heating system in winters should be around 68°F. And in the summer, the best energy-saving temperature for the air conditioning system is 78°F. 

According to our air conditioning installation in Phoenix, the optimal temperature for the heating system in winters should be around 68°F. And in the summer, the best energy-saving temperature for the air conditioning system is 78°F. 

Numerous types of air conditioning systems are available in the HVAC stores central air, ductless, window, portable, floor mounted, hybrid, and geothermal. It is easy to choose among all the options which are the best by making a list of the following factors: 

  • Budget
  • Living area space
  • Noise levels 
  • Efficient ductwork
  • Maintenance and installation costs