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Why is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air? Explained

As the outside temperature starts to fall, having a furnace in your house is an essential piece of equipment for maintaining a comfortable and warm …

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Why Does My AC Smell Musty? Here are 5 Top Reasons

As we get closer to summer, many homeowners start preparing their air conditioners for the hot and muggy weather that will soon arrive. On the …

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What Is An AC Hard Start Kit? 7 Benefits of Installing One

In the blistering months of summer, air conditioning is a godsend that saves lives by delivering much-needed reprieve from the suffocating heat. Yet, there are …

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What is a Mini Split Heat Pump and How Does It Work

As the cost of energy continues to rise, an increasing number of homeowners are searching for methods to improve the efficiency of their heating and …

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When Should You Use the Emergency Heat Setting during Winter

Winter can be a beautiful season that brings a lot of joy and content to some. However, it also brings colder temperatures that make us …

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How Do Heat Pumps Work During Winter Time?

If you’re wondering how to stay warm during the winter without breaking the bank, you might be interested in learning how a heat pump works …

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