Tech Built


Introducing Tech Built.

Through the necessity of a reliable ac unit that is designed to face the many challenges of our rigorous climate comes Tech Built.

We have partnered up with a multi-state distributor and a few manufactures to brand and finish augmentation a product so refined, so purpose built, we are proud to call our own. As decades of experience as technicians, installers, and business owners, with a really good handle on inadequacies of current options, we sat down and addressed the most common failures and strategized on ways to implement better measures to bolster weak points.

We have replaced cheap Chinese parts with more robust and costlier American-made counterparts that have been in existence for years as “upgrades”. We’ve added some fail-safes to prevent the compressor from the shortened life expectancy we’ve come to expect in our blistering 115+ degree environment.

We have also made adjustments to areas where coil leaks are common and additional decibels are not necessary. Tech Built is the most rugged unit on the market. Where today’s manufactures cut corners to save money on their bottom line, we’ve corrected it. Tech Built comes with a full 10 year compressor warranty, 10 years on parts, and comes standard with 1 year labor. A 10 year labor warranty is presented as an optional addition.