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If your HVAC has stopped working, contact the HVAC contractors in Phoenix, AZ, for a quick check.

Look for these signs before your HVAC stops working unexpectedly, to determine if it needs immediate service. Rather than calling the professionals after everything has occurred, it is always better to call them before.

Signs That Your HVAC Unit Needs Immediate Repair Service.

Your HVAC unit can demonstrate signs indicating that it needs professional attention. You must check for these signs carefully and call your HVAC company for heating and AC service in New River, AZ if you need assistance with your furnace. 


Your HVAC unit is not a drilling machine, and it shouldn’t sound like one either. The sound an HVAC unit makes while working is almost nonexistent. Having an HVAC unit that does not make unwanted noises while working is healthy.

Suppose, however, your HVAC unit makes unpleasant noises such as banging, clicking, and tinkling. You should call for professional assistance immediately if you hear these noises, as they indicate a problem with your HVAC unit.


You may require to replace your thermostat if your HVAC unit is not working efficiently. Despite all the components in your HVAC unit working to their highest efficiency levels, your home may not achieve the desired temperature.

You should check your thermostat for dead batteries or faulty wiring in such cases. You can replace your old thermostat with a smart thermostat by contacting your HVAC company for heating and AC Service in New River, AZ.

Higher Energy Bills

An efficient HVAC unit won’t consume more electricity than it should. Your HVAC unit will maintain to work harder to achieve the right temperature if the parts are not in the right condition.

The more you work, the more electricity you consume, and the higher your electricity bills will be. Contact a specialist to repair your HVAC unit.

Pilot light

In your HVAC unit, the pilot light burns the fuel. A blue pilot light indicates that the burner is clean and burns fuel efficiently. Nonetheless, if the pilot light is any other color, especially yellow, the fuel is not burning completely, releasing carbon monoxide.

Keep an eye on the pilot light and if any problem occurs, contact your HVAC company for AC replacement in Litchfield Park for assistance.

Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when the HVAC unit fails to reach the required temperature and shuts down before completing one cycle.

If not treated properly, a short-cycling HVAC unit can cause severe damage to its internal components and even cause a permanent breakdown.

Switching on

When your HVAC unit does not come on at the usual time despite having a functioning breaker and fuse, it may indicate a problem with the wiring or the distributive fan motor.

Your technician can assist you with this problem. For more information, contact Autumn Air & Cooling and expect only the best HVAC services.

New River, AZ Heating & AC Service 

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