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The Best AC And Heating Services In Phoenix, AZ

As a resident of Phoenix, you understand the importance of having reliable AC service on hand. That’s why we at Autumn Air are here to provide exceptional HVAC services you can trust.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our team is dedicated to meeting all your HVAC needs. We are a full-service company offering everything from installation to replacement to maintenance to repair for air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, and ductless mini splits.

Our technicians are insured, licensed, and background-checked, ensuring you can have peace of mind when letting us into your home.

Our team is always available 24/7 to provide you with the prompt and reliable service you need, no matter the time of day.

Our Recent Jobs In Phoenix

New Amana Package unit install, near Vineyard Estates.

Rooftop new Package unit install, near the Camelback East Village area.

Condenser Coil cleaning on a unit near the Desert West Park area.

AC Services

Don’t let a broken AC ruin your comfort in the scorching heat of the summer. Trust Autumn Air to provide you with the best HVAC service in the area and ensure your unit runs smoothly and efficiently all year round.

Our team has experience in handling all types of AC units, making us experts in installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair. By regularly servicing your AC, you can prevent any breakdowns and ensure that it operates at its best, saving you from costly repairs in the long run.

AC Repair

Whether it’s a unit leak or a complete system failure, don’t let a broken AC ruin your day. Trust Autumn Air for top-quality AC repair

Our experienced technicians have worked with countless clients to provide quick and efficient repairs for their air conditioning systems. We take pride in our reputation of dependability and have built strong customer relationships over the years.

AC Installation & Replacement

Upgrade your home comfort with a new air conditioning unit from Autumn Air. Our team is the go-to for all AC installation needs in Phoenix, ensuring that your new unit is installed quickly and professionally with minimal disruption.

If you’re dealing with an old and inefficient unit, it may be time for an upgrade. Investing in a new system can save you money on energy bills and provide better cooling for your home.

Plus, with our experienced technicians handling the installation, you can trust that it will be done correctly and efficiently.

Ductless Mini-splits

Say goodbye to bulky and intrusive ductwork with the help of Autumn Air’s ductless mini-split installation services. These compact systems provide targeted cooling for individual rooms or zones, making them perfect for homes without existing ductwork.

Our team of experts can help you choose the right size and type of mini-split for your home, ensuring optimal efficiency and comfort.

Heating Services

To ensure the efficiency and longevity of your heating system, it needs periodic servicing from reliable professionals. Our services provide our customers with:

  • Efficient heating: A well-maintained heating system provides consistent warmth while using less energy. Save on your energy bills while enjoying a cozy home environment
  • The prevention of breakdowns: Autumn Air’s team can identify potential issues during routine maintenance, preventing unexpected breakdowns on the coldest days
  • Quality air: A clean and serviced heating system improves indoor air quality, reducing allergens, dust, and bacteria circulating in your home

We offer various all-encompassing services for your heating system.

Heating Repair

Our team of expert HVAC technicians can handle any heating issues you may encounter, including:

  • Uneven heating in different rooms
  • Strange noises coming from your heater
  • A sudden increase in energy bills
  • Frequent cycling on and off

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, don’t hesitate to call Autumn Air for prompt and professional heating repairs. Don’t let a broken heater disrupt your comfort during the winter months.

Heating Installation & Replacement

Keeping warm during the colder months of the year could mean having a new system installed. When it’s time to upgrade your home heating system, Autumn Air’s heating installation services have you covered. 

Replacing your old heating unit can bring you several benefits:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Consistent heating
  • Increased home value
  • Lower repair costs
  • Better air quality

Heat Pump Services

Heat pumps offer an efficient solution for heating and cooling your home, making them a smart investment for year-round comfort. They function by moving heat rather than generating it, making them highly energy-efficient. This can help you save significantly on energy bills. 

Furthermore, modern heat pumps offer superior air filtration, reducing allergens and impurities in indoor air, which leads to a healthier home environment.

We offer heat pump services, including installation, repair, maintenance, and emergency care to ensure your house stays comfortable when it’s cold.

Why HVAC Maintenance Is Necessary For Top Efficiency 

Regular HVAC maintenance is essential for ensuring your system; here’s why:

  • Saves money: A well-maintained HVAC system operates more efficiently, using less energy and thereby saving you money on your energy bills. Plus, by avoiding major repairs or premature replacement of your system, you save money long-term
  • Prolongs system life: Keeping your HVAC system regularly serviced can extend its lifespan, delaying the need for a costly replacement
  • Ensures comfort: A well-maintained HVAC system provides consistent heating or cooling, ensuring your home stays comfortable year-round

Don’t neglect the health of your HVAC system. Regular maintenance with Autumn Air can keep your unit running smoothly, efficiently, and affordably.

Unit Symptoms That Show You Need To Call An HVAC Technician

Watching out for these signs can help you identify a failing HVAC system that needs attention from a professional HVAC technician:

  • Inconsistent room temperature: If some rooms in your house are too hot or cold in temperature compared to others, it may be a sign of a failing HVAC unit
  • Increased energy bills: A sudden spike in your energy bills can indicate your HVAC system is working harder than it should, possibly due to a malfunction
  • Strange noises: If your HVAC unit is making unusual noises such as grinding, squealing, or rattling, it’s time to call a technician
  • Frequent repairs: If your HVAC system needs frequent repairs, it may be reaching the end of its lifespan
  • Bad odors: Unpleasant smells from your HVAC system could be a sign of mold, mildew, or burnt-out wire insulation
  • Poor airflow: Low airflow can indicate a problem with your HVAC compressor or that your air filters must be replaced
  • Humidity issues: If your HVAC unit can’t maintain humidity levels within a comfortable range, it’s time to call a technician

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