What Is An AC Hard Start Kit? 7 Benefits of Installing One

In the blistering months of summer, air conditioning is a godsend that saves lives by delivering much-needed reprieve from the suffocating heat. Yet, there are instances when your air conditioner may have trouble starting up. This is particularly true if it is an older machine or if there are voltage fluctuations in the electrical supply that serves your house. At this juncture, the use of an AC hard start kit becomes vital.

In this article, we will answer the commonly asked question “What is a hard start kit for air conditioner?”. In addition, we will discuss the many advantages that come with having them installed. From improving the lifespan of your AC unit to reducing energy bills, you’ll discover how an AC hard start kit can make a significant difference in your home’s comfort and efficiency.

What is an AC hard start kit?

A hard start kit is a piece of electrical equipment that is intended to facilitate the smooth starting of electrical appliances that need a high starting current. This kit gives the appliance an extra power boost, enabling it to start up even in environments with low voltage thanks to the additional power it receives. Hard start kits are often found in appliance categories such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and freezers.

In the case of ACs specifically, it is intended to facilitate the effective and trouble-free startup of air conditioners. The compressor receives an extra power boost from this kit, which enables it to start up successfully even in circumstances where the voltage is low. The start capacitor and potential relay are the two components that make up the kit.

Additional components, such as a run capacitor or a time delay relay, may be included in certain AC hard start kits to help guarantee that the compressor motor operates smoothly and effectively.

Working of an AC hard start kit

During the first phase of operation, the compressor will need an increased amount of power, which the start capacitor is intended to provide. When the compressor reaches a certain speed, the potential relay is activated, and it is its job to remove the start capacitor from the circuit so that the compressor may continue operating normally. Because of this, the compressor won’t suffer any damage from the start capacitor.

Benefits of installing an AC hard start kit

Let’s have a look at the important benefits of installing an AC hard start kit.

1. Helps Extend the Working Life of the Compressor

Installing an air conditioning hard start kit has several advantages, but one of the most significant is that it extends the life of the compressor. The kit gives the compressor an additional surge of power at startup, which helps to lessen the amount of strain that is placed on the compressor. The compressor’s life is extended as a result of this measure, which also helps to avoid damage to it.

2. Helps to Lower the Chance of Electrical Damage

One additional advantage of installing an AC hard start kit is that it lowers the possibility of causing harm to electrical components. The load that may be placed on the electrical system by an air conditioner that suffers low voltage circumstances can be significant. 

This has the potential to inflict harm on the system’s wiring as well as its other electrical components. An AC hard start kit gives the system an additional surge of power during the starting process. This lowers the likelihood that the system may sustain electrical harm.

3. Saves Energy

The installation of an air conditioner hard start kit is another way to save electricity. When an air conditioner is first turned on, a significant amount of power is needed to get the compressor up to speed and running properly. This may lead to a spike in the amount of energy that is used. 

An air conditioning hard start kit gives the compressor an additional surge of power, which in turn minimizes the amount of energy that is necessary to get the air conditioner started.

4. Facilitates improved efficiency

In addition, the effectiveness of the air conditioner may be improved by the installation of an AC hard start kit. When the compressor starts up without any hiccups and with maximum efficiency, it consumes less energy and performs its function more effectively. This has the potential to cut down on monthly energy costs and increase the lifespan of the air conditioner.

5. Reduces Noise

When first turned on, an air conditioner often makes some amount of racket. Installing an AC hard start kit, on the other hand, may assist in lowering the overall loudness of the air conditioner’s operating noise. This is due to the fact that the kit supplies the compressor with an additional push of power, which enables the compressor to start up more smoothly and quietly.

6. Avoids the tripping of the circuit breaker

It is possible for an air conditioner to trip a circuit breaker if it is subjected to conditions that include low voltage. Because of this, it is possible that the homeowner’s air conditioner may not operate as it should, which can be a super annoying experience. By giving the system a greater initial surge of power at starting, an AC hard start kit may help avoid the tripping of circuit breakers once they have been installed.

7. Elevates the Level of Comfort

Lastly, installing an air conditioner that has a hard start kit might make the house more comfortable overall. If the air conditioner starts up without any hiccups and runs as effectively as possible, it will have a greater chance of maintaining a temperature that is uniformly pleasant throughout the whole house. It is possible that this will help enhance air quality and eliminate hot spots.


Now the next time you wonder, “What is an AC hard start kit?” You will know that it is a kind of electrical gadget that serves the purpose of facilitating the effective and trouble-free startup of air conditioners. A start-up capacitor and a potential relay make up its constituent parts. 

Installing an air conditioner that has a hard start kit provides a variety of benefits, including extending the life of the compressor, decreasing the risk of electrical damage, saving energy, improving efficiency, reducing noise, preventing the circuit breaker from tripping, and increasing the level of comfort.

In order to guarantee that their air conditioner is operating successfully and efficiently, particularly during the warm months of summer, homeowners should seriously consider installing an AC hard-start kit in their homes.

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