Why You Have a “Start-Stop-Start-Stop” Air Conditioner

In the functioning of a regular AC, it is supposed to be turned on and working at a long stretch before it is turned off. It takes time for an AC to make your room completely cool, and to keep it on for a longer duration at a minimum temperature also helps bring down your electricity bills.

This is what should happen usually, but if you are noticing that your AC is stuck in a start-stop-start-stop loop, it is time to understand that there may be a problem that you are neglecting. 

What is Short Cycling? 

This problem has a name that you may not be aware of. It is known as short cycling. When an AC functions to cool the room at a stretch and then get turned off, the process is known as cycling, and this usually takes around 20-25 minutes. However, if you notice that this process is getting over much faster, say 10 minutes, it is a sign that the AC is short cycling. 

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Reasons for Short Cycling

Inappropriate Size of the Air Conditioner

If the size of the air conditioner is too big for your house, the AC will take much less time to cool the house because, for the AC, the task becomes small. And this leads to the AC getting turned off very quickly. We can help with the correct size air conditioning installation Phoenix

Clogged Air Filters 

When your AC is dirty and clogged, the system needs to work much harder to make the room cool, leading to short cycling. The stress on the compressor due to the pressure of compensating for the loss of airflow also leads to breaking down the system, resulting in a big hole in your pocket.  

Dirty Coil 

The coil’s job is to remove the hot air, which the AC will have to do if your coil is dirty. This puts an extra burden on the unit causing it to shut down often. This problem can be solved only with the help of regular maintenance. 

The Refrigerant Level 

If the refrigerant level is low, it will cause the AC to work murder to cool the room, putting a lot of pressure on various internal parts. It is the best idea to keep the refrigerant level always in check to avoid short cycling. 

After-effects of Short Cycling

  • It causes the system to break down more often, resulting in extremely expensive repairs and even replacement in some cases. 
  • Since the system needs to work much harder to run, the pressure causes mechanical wear and tear of internal parts, making your system inefficient.
  • The electricity bills will go much higher. 
  • The life span of your AC is bound to reduce. If it was built to last 15-20 years, it might last less than half of that time. 

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