Condensation in Your AC Unit

As many are aware, condensation is a natural occurrence within any ac unit. It mainly happens when the evaporator sucks in the warm moisture from the room and cools it down. This forms condensation, which then drips into the condensate pan. However, if the pan is damaged or overflowing, it causes water to leak around, over, and under your system. Once you notice this, the first thing to do is switch the unit off and then call for an air conditioning repair Phoenix AZ. This way, the problem can be dealt with before it becomes worse.

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Causes of Visible Condensation

While the condensation process is normal, it is something that isn’t meant to be visible. When condensation starts from the visible part of your system, like the vents, there is a problem with your system. Here are a few reasons why this happens – 

  • Lack of or Damaged Duct Insulation

Ducts are required to have insulation that acts as a protective barrier. However, if your ducts haven’t been insulated or the present insulation is damaged, it can cause condensation to form on the vents or inside the ducts. This happens because, without insulation, the warm air from outside sips into the ducts and makes contact with its cold walls. In such cases, it is important to call for AC maintenance Phoenix immediately.

  • A Leaky Boot

A boot is a metal tube that connects your system’s duct to the vent grill. Like without proper insulation, if a leaky springs in the boot, it allows warm air to get inside. This causes condensation to form in the boot, which leaks onto the system’s vent grille. If the ducts are still in good condition, it is easy to either have the leak patched up or the boot replaced to stop the condensation. However, try not to do this by yourself as professional help will ensure a job well done.

  • Clogged-up Condensate Drain Line

Like every other part of your ac unit, it is never a good idea for the parts to become clogged. This build-up can cause your system to become damaged. Likewise, if the condensate drain line within your system clogs, it can cause the line to burst, resulting in the water leaking into the system and out. It is important to quickly call for an air conditioning repair in Phoenix as this could deteriorate other parts within your system.

  • Evaporator Coil Freezes

This is one of the most common causes of condensation leaking out of your system. A major signifier is that your system hasn’t been cooling your room properly as well as restricted airflow. A frozen evaporator coil is usually caused by a clogged filter causing airflow problems or a refrigerant leak.

If not seen immediately, it could put a heavy strain on your system, which could lead to the compressor failing. Rather than dealing with this issue independently, calling a professional as the refrigerant is harmful if not dealt with properly.

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