How To Replace An Air Conditioning Filter?

Starting now is the best time to prepare your air conditioner for the sweltering summers ahead of time. To get started, all you have to do is change the filter in your air conditioner. Your air conditioner will run more efficiently and eliminate dust and allergens from your home if you follow these steps.

During the hot season, air filters quickly become clogged with debris when air conditioners operate nonstop. Repairs, higher energy costs, and a shorter lifespan for your air conditioner are possible consequences of failing to change your filter on time. One of the simplest methods to ensure optimal system performance year after year is updating your AC filter.

  • Steps to Change Your Air Filters

Filter replacement is a simple task that most homes can perform regularly. Sometimes, you might need an air conditioning installation in Phoenix to help you. However, you must follow suitable procedures to do the work efficiently.

  • Switch off the Unit

It is the first stage in the process of cleaning the filter. Removing the blocked filter while the machine is still operating allows you to draw dust and debris into the device. Be sure to turn off the electricity at the appliance and its circuit breaker.

  • Locate the Filter

Your HVAC system’s air filter is usually positioned between your return duct and the HVAC unit itself if it’s mounted to the wall. You may find the filter in a vent in your ceiling if your system is installed in your attic.

  • Get the Old Filter Out

Remove the old filter with caution to avoid inhaling dust. To remove it, slip it out of the holder. If you’re not cautious, dust will fly everywhere if you don’t clean your filters regularly. Remove the filter and discard it.

  • Install the New Filter

Install the appropriate filter after you’ve found it. If you struggle to find the right filter for your system, contact HVAC repair in Scottsdale, AZ. The filter’s frame has an arrow pointing away from the return air duct and toward the air handler mechanism, showing you which way the air should flow through the filter.

How Often Should You Change the Filters?

The quality of the air in your home depends on the quality of your air conditioning system. Your HVAC system will last longer and cost less money if you know how to change the filters.

Filters lose their effectiveness as dirt, dust, and allergens accumulate on them over time due to the clogging effect of the filter. On average, you should replace air filters every 90 days. The usual lifespan of an HVAC filter is one to three months.

Your indoor air quality will suffer if you don’t change the filter on time. If you have mild to moderate allergies, replace or change your filters more frequently, at least every three weeks.

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