Is My HVAC System Big Enough?

There are many points to keep in mind while choosing the HVAC system of your house. The correct size of HVAC to be used depends on various factors such as the thickness of insulation used in your house, the height of the ceiling, the number and location of windows, your area’s climate conditions. If your HVAC equipment is too big or too small, it can lead to various problems like huge electricity bills; it will cost more repairs and endless other problems. So the question is how to determine if your HVAC system is big enough or not?

Tips to Ensure That Your HVAC is the Right Size:

  •  Always Contact a Professional HVAC Technician!

Before purchasing your HVAC equipment, always contact an HVAC technician. Not only will they tell you about the proper size, but also about the most efficient equipment suitable for your house. You can also opt for HVAC replacement Phoenix, AZto change the previous system.

  •   Different HVAC Systems are Used for Different Purposes!

You will have a completely different HVAC setup for your home and different restaurants and other commercial areas. HVAC equipment’s performance can be affected by restaurants’ production of a large number of air pollutants, which is not the case for homes. Also, the kitchens in restaurants produce more heat than that of homes. You can contact air conditioning contractors phoenix to help you make an apt decision.

  •  Calculate The Square Footage of Your House!

You have to calculate the area of the floor space of your entire house. Use a tape to measure the length and breadth and then multiply them to get the square footage. Please do this for each room and then add it all up. To ensure that this goes perfectly, you can contact technicians; they have an idea about the technicalities and help you understand better.

  •   Determine The Base and Ceiling BTU!

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. It is a unit of heat. Approximately 25 BTU of energy is used to cool or heat a square foot. So, multiply 25 to the calculated square footage of your house to get the base BTU. Add 400 for each member of the house, and add 1000 for each window. For ceiling BTU, multiply 25% of the height with the calculated base BTU. For an air conditioner, divide the base BTU by 12000, and you will get the tonnes required. Use ceiling BTU to calculate the efficiency of the furnace to be used. In this way, you can check if your HVAC is of the correct size or not.

  •  Temperature Inconsistencies!

If your HVAC system cannot maintain your house’s temperature, it is not the ideal system for your house. An improper-sized HVAC will not be able to keep your house at the desired temperature and will make you feel uncomfortable. It will also increase your electricity bills.

Choosing the correct HVAC system is the biggest challenge you will face for your home. But if you follow the points mentioned above, your task will become much easier. Investing in HVAC is huge, so it is utterly important to do it carefully. 

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