What is the Cost of Installing a Central AC in Phoenix?

Summertime is dreadful when you cannot spend your entire vacation comfortably because of the heat. The temperature in Phoenix during the Summers can even go up to 100 degrees. It is important to make sure you are prepared for such harsh circumstances to make sure you and your family enjoy your vacation at home in peace. 

The most important appliance during this season is your air conditioning Phoenix AZ. When it’s time to invest in a central air conditioning system, quite a few factors determine the cost of a new air conditioner in PhoenixChoosing the right brand, and model and making the correct choice sounds difficult because of the vast range of varieties to choose from. 

However, we have noted down some pointers that you must keep in mind before purchasing a suitable AC unit for your home. Some of them include – 

Your Budget

Your budget is the most important factor in mind before purchasing the cost of a new air conditioner in Phoenix. The price differs for different models and brands. One should be aware that a slightly expensive AC unit can prove to be more cost-effective in the long run.

Cost of Installing a Central AC in Phoenix?

This is because the expensive unit may work more efficiently and consume less energy, resulting in lower utility bills. Coming to the least expensive unit can save up costs at present, but there is no guarantee for the future. 

The Efficiency of the System

Each AC unit comes with a SEER rating. This factor is used to measure the efficiency of the system. The ratings range from 14-20 units. The higher the SEER rating, the more is the efficiency of the system. However, the upfront cost of the AC unit will be much higher for a higher rating and lower for a low rating measure. 

Air Quality

The manufacturers predefine the air quality measures. Before purchasing an AC unit, you must check the air quality and see if the AC unit is sufficient and determine whether it will provide sufficient cooling to your home. 

The Size of the AC Unit

To ensure the complete comfort of your loved ones, you must ensure purchasing an efficient AC unit that will provide sufficient cooling to your house. To determine the correct size of the AC system required, you must estimate the load calculation.

The bigger system that is required, the more will be the cost of a new air conditioner in Phoenix. Since you are making an important investment, have this figured out before putting your money on it. If the size of your AC unit is too small, then you will have to run it continuously for a better cooling effect which will result in higher consumption of energy.

If the unit is too large, this will result in the unit being switched on and off multiple times, which is called short cycling. This can also result in increased electricity bills. On the other hand, the correct AC size will cool your place quicker and is more energy-efficient. 


This is the most important factor you must consider before installing a new AC unit. Take some time and survey your previous system’s ductwork. If it has any leaks or damages, this means that it was not as efficient as it should be. This can also increase your electricity bills. Therefore, you recommend that you go for updated ductwork for your new AC unit, which will also affect the unit’s price. Call in a professional for air conditioning repair Phoenix AZ to give you advice on your ductwork. 


Consider investing in the AC unit that will provide efficient cooling, and that does not require frequent repairs or replacements. Consider asking an expert for help to make sure you go with the correct option. An efficient and durable unit will help you save on the pocket in the long run. Be thorough with all your options. 

Warranty Policy

A warranty policy covers the cost of repairs if anything breaks or needs to be replaced. Choose the policy that fits your needs, and an extended warranty may also be helpful if you are looking for something to last for the long run. 

The Estimated Life of the Appliance

Estimating the life of the electrical appliance helps understand how long the system can last. This will help you understand the ongoing expenses and help you make a better choice. 

Maintenance Plans

By signing a maintenance plan, you can schedule regular servicing and repairs for your AC unit. These maintenance plans help you improve your system’s efficiency and help you prevent any major breakdowns and will be useful for the long run.

Pick the best maintenance plan for you by discussing it with your HVAC contractors Phoenix AZ. The maintenance team will visit your place every few months to ensure your unit is working perfectly. With thorough maintenance, your AC will surely last for the longest time. 

The Team You Choose for Installation

The team you choose for installation purposes plays a major role. Make sure you install your AC unit in a shady area such that it does not hold in lots of moisture. The AC unit cannot perform efficiently where there is sunlight falling on it directly. As a result, it will require a longer time to provide a cooling effect and more energy consumption. 

Efficient Models

AC units that are highly efficient will be rated 14+ by the manufacturer. These units undoubtedly will cost you a bit more than the normal pricing. But they ensure maximum efficiency and ultimately save more energy consumption which results in lower utility bills. 

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