What To Look For When Your Air Conditioner Needs Services

Getting your air conditioner serviced and maintained regularly should be on every homeowner’s to-do list. It can be a big mistake to ignore maintenance just to save a few bucks. With continued neglect, you might have to spend a lot more by getting an air conditioner repair in Surprise, AZ instead.

Signs You Will Get When Your AC Needs Service

High Energy Bills

No one likes to pay the monthly utility bills. It is something you cannot avoid. But there is one thing you can do you can reduce these bills by simply just getting the necessary maintenance done for your AC. If you notice a significant rise in your energy bills, it indicates that something is wrong with your unit and needs service.

Frequent Cycles

All air conditioners go through regular cooling cycles irrespective of the weather. Your cooling system turns on more frequently on the hot days of summer and doesnèt cycle on and off constantly. But if you notice frequent cycles, it means something is off, and you might need to call a professional for AC replacement in Glendale.

Unusual Noises

Air conditioners make negligible noises while starting up and shutting down. But loud and unusual noises coming from your AC indicate a big problem. Rattling noises indicate a loose part, while whistling can indicate something serious. To solve this problem, you will need a professional.

Insufficient Airflow

Insufficient airflow is a common sign that your AC is not working as it should. There is something like a blockage that is preventing the movement of air through your ductwork. It can be a clogged air filter, broken motor, or something more serious. Contact a professional to come and solve your problem.

Warm Air

When your AC is blowing warm air, go and check your thermostat. Make sure it is set to cool mode and lower than your home’s current temperature. But if your vents still blow warm air, it must be a restricted air flow or compressor issue. Call a professional to inspect your system and solve your problem.

Bad Odors.

If you notice bad and unpleasant odors from your cooling system, you will want to solve this problem before it becomes big and smellier. A quick diagnostic by an air conditioning contractor in Glendale will tell you the problem and its solution. UV lamps to eliminate microbial growth and duct cleaning will solve your problem.

Water Leaks

Your AC needs refrigerant to cool your home and produce condensation while operating. But these liquids should not accumulate or leak into your home. Water pooling or a leak around your AC indicates your system is not working properly.

High Humidity

The weather can become very sticky during spring and summer. But with your AC, you will not have to experience high humidity inside your home. Your AC will moderate the humidity levels on its own. But if your AC cannot control the moisture levels, it needs service and repairs.


Many homeowners often avoid necessary services just because the system works properly and no problem has occurred.

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