4 Sounds You Don’t Want To Hear From Your Furnace

Furnaces are the backbone of any HVAC system, and to keep your home at the perfect temperature, these need units need to work without any problems. Unfortunately, due to inconsistent maintenance or wear-and-tear, furnaces can slowly lose their efficiency. If you don’t repair these at the earliest possible time, chances are these will get worse. So, how do you find out whether your furnace is having a problem? Here are four noises technicians who provide furnace repair in Phoneix say are a danger sign.

Four Sounds Your Furnace Shouldn’t Make:

  • Clanking: A clanking sound coming from your furnace is an indication that your furnace has a broken metal part. This can either be your furnace’s blower wheel or a belt that has come loose from the motor and is now hitting other components. If not resolved fast, this will cause damage to the other components of the furnace.
  • Hissing: A hissing sound is an indication that your furnace’s fuel pipe has a leakage. This is a health and fire hazard and cannot be dealt with by following a simple DIY. Instead of trying to do so, we recommend you first remove all people from the premises, call a technician and wait for help. Fuel leakage can catch fire with the smallest ignition.
  • Booming: If you hear booming noise when your furnace is turned on, the reason is either your ductwork or your furnace itself. Inadequately sized ductwork cannot distribute air properly, which causes it to expand. On the other hand, a dirty furnace can also result in a booming noise.
  • Whistling: Furnaces make whistling sounds when the airflow is insufficient. If your air filter is clogged by dirt and dust, chances are, your furnace does not have enough space to push out as much air. While this does decrease your furnace’s efficiency, it also causes massive amounts of bacteria to spew out in the rooms.

Most furnaces make a little noise when they’re working, but if you do notice any of the above-given problems, call an HVAC service for heating repair Phoenix, AZ and have professionals look at it. 

What Will The Technician Do?

The first thing that any technician will do is open up your unit and determine the cause of any problems. The technician will inspect each part of the unit to see what is broken, cracked, or loose. They will inspect the following items:

  • Motor 
  • Plates and belts
  • Fuel coils
  • Collector plates
  • Ductwork

If they’re able to fix the problem with the tools they have, they will do so. Most technicians don’t recommend replacements for furnaces unless they’re sure that the furnace cannot be repaired. This is one of the main reasons you should never try a DIY instead of calling a technician.

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