What Are The Top 8 Common Furnace Issues?

A broken furnace can be very frustrating and cause many problems as a homeowner. But, unfortunately, we all have to deal with furnace maintenance issues. You have to get your furnace maintained by furnace professionals as soon as possible if it stops working.

Before calling an HVAC contractor in Phoenix, AZ, it’s critical to understand the most common furnace issues that can cause your system’s heating performance to suffer.

  • Broken Thermostat

A broken thermostat is one of the most prevalent issues. The broken fan is a sign of a faulty thermostat. If the fan runs continuously, the thermostat’s battery will run, and your furnace will perform inefficiently.

  • Dirty Filters

Dirty filters can restrict the amount of air your furnace receives. Clogged filters reduce the efficiency of your furnace, resulting in high maintenance and energy bills. Dirty filters can also cause your limit switch to get damaged. 

  • Furnace Not Producing Enough Heat.

Even when the furnace is on, you are still cold, which means that the furnace is not producing enough heat to keep you warm and the interior temperatures suitable.

  • Color of the Flame

The furnace’s efficiency is also determined by the quality of the burner’s flame. For example, the blue burner’s flame means that your heater functions well and delivers adequate heat. In contrast, bright orange or yellow flame color suggests that your furnace needs maintenance from a professional.

  • Closed Vents

Many vents include louvers that may be opened or closed to allow control over the temperature of their room. Louvers should be left open to allow your furnace to heat your home evenly. Unfortunately, some louvers, incredibly loose or old, are very quickly close by accident. You should replace your vent covers if this is the case.

  • Faulty Flame Sensor

The role of a flame sensor is to detect the flame and cut off the power supply if the flame runs out. However, if the flame sensor becomes dirty, it will not detect the flame properly, and as a result, your furnace will shut down.

  • Short Cycles

Short cycling is when the furnace starts on and turns off without heating your area. This usually happens due to dirty air filters or restricted airflow. Short cycling of furnaces can cost you money, so it is advised to call a professional to look into the situation and find a solution.

  • Ball Bearings

The ball bearings in your furnace help the motor to work correctly. But with time, the ball bearings wear out and should be replaced. If you hear scraping noise coming out of your furnace, immediately call Autumn Air instead of searching furnace service near me on the search engines.

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