Tips to Prepare Your AC for Summer

Tips to Prepare Your AC for Summer

There are several ways to prepare your air conditioner for summer on your own. Professional HVAC service is recommended for complete peace of mind. Depending on the frequency of its usage and the manufacturer, specialists usually recommend having your air conditioning equipment serviced yearly. You know you have paid a lot on the cost of the new air conditioner Phoenixtake great care of it.

The air conditioning unit will be stripped down, the filter will be cleaned or replaced, the coils will be assessed, gas levels will be monitored, airflow will be checked, and the heating and cooling operations will be checked. Here are some suggestions for getting your air conditioner ready before the summer heat.

Change the Filter Regularly

  • The most frequent central air setup is for the unit to be connected to the home furnace. It usually means that the furnace and the air conditioner will use the same filter to provide efficiency and protection. 
  • If your home’s HVAC system is structured this way, it’s advised that you change the filter 4 times a year, or every 3 months, as the seasons change. You can also take professional help like HVAC replacement in Phoenix, AZ.
  • Pollen, dust, and other harmful particles are filtered out of your unit’s components via filters. Your air conditioning will not circulate the air effectively if the filter is dirty. 

Maintain the Outdoor Unit

  • Professionals like air compressor repair near me advise that as your air conditioner won’t work without sufficient air circulation, make sure nothing is turned on near or around the outdoor unit. 
  • Turn off the thermostat after the snow has melted but before it gets too hot. Now carefully wash debris away from the outside of the unit and the fins with a hose. 
  • Twigs, leaves, and spider webs that have fallen or formed in or around the unit should be removed, and grass and bushes should be trimmed back away from it. 
  • Tree branches should not overhang the unit, and wood heaps and bicycles should be kept at least a few feet away.

Clean the Condensate Drain

  • Today’s air conditioners are centralized, with a big unit called a condenser often put outside the residence. The condenser has an internal fan that is meant to suck in air and then chill it with a coolant so that it may be fed into the furnace and circulated throughout the house. 
  • This unit is exposed mainly since it requires easy, efficient airflow. However, it merely has grating to keep more important things out without interrupting the airflow. Due to this, smaller particles, such as leaves, can still get in and settle within the condenser. 
  • Remove the drain’s end and suck the sludge and water out of the line with a wet or dry shop vacuum. The drain end should then be replaced. If you want to take professional help, search for air compressor repair near me.

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